Where to eat in Bali, Lombok & Gili Air

Indonesia is a paradise for healthy food lovers. There are so many cafes with delicious, refreshing fruit smoothie bowls, good coffee & dessert. Meat lover or vegan, you’ll always have a enough choices to choose.

Here’s our list and yes we tried all the restaurants & cafes that are given here below 🙂


  1. Warung Dandelion
  2. Cafe Organic
  3. Moana Fish Eatery (favorite fish restaurant)
  4. Warung Bu Mi (super tasty & cheap)
  5. Mad Pops Bali
  6. Monsieur  Spoon
  7. Roti Canai Street Kitchen
  8. Betelnut Cafe
  9. Crate Cafe (good coffee & breakfast)
  10. Old Mans restaurant
  11. The Lawn
  12. Satu-Satu coffee
  13. Milk & Madu Cafe
  14. The Spicy Coconut
  15. The Hungry Bird Cafe (best eggs)
  16. Berawa’s Kitchen (open foodcourt)
  17. Bali Bowls & Smoothies
  18. Warung Goûthé

Lombok Island

  1. Milk Espresso
  2. El Bazar Cafe & Restaurant
  3. Kenza Cafe

Gili Air

  1. Ruby’s Cafe
  2. Pachamama Organic Cafe
  3. Chill Out
  4. Gili Bliss
  5. Coffee & Thyme

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