Where to eat in Malaysia

Here are some of our favorite restaurants and cafe in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

  1. LOKL Coffee Co.
    Located in the historical heart of KL. Serving comfort food mixed with an Asian twist. Their seasonal bestsellers include Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Pulled Beef Burger and Hainanese Meatloaf. Also their is a full breakfast menu of eggs, bagels, pancakes and waffles.
    LOKL brew both Western & local coffee. Besides espresso, lattes and cappuccinos, they also do coffee the local way – buttery local blends, hand-filtered and served with sticky sweet condensed milk. The option is also called Kopi Susu. This was definitely my favorite drink here.
  2. China Town
    Visit China Town to explore the different mealsBest and good way to explore and eat different meals are available in China Town. From barbecue, steamed fish to fresh fruits and desert.
  3. Little Penang Cafe
    If you’re visiting the Patronas Twin Towers you must visit the Little Penang Cafe. It’s located in Suria KLLC mall on the 4th floor across the towers. There are many options for food in the mall, but Little Penang is the one with locals lining up to have a seat. Do take part of this, because it’s worth the wait. This place serves many local dishes. The most served is their Laksa; it’s a explosion of flavors. It’s sweet, sour & spicy the same time.
  4. Ya Kun Kaya Toast
    YKKT is a well-known franchise in Singapore & Malaysia. The Kaya toast is a populair snack for the locals. The Kaya toast is prepared with kaya (coconut jam), a topping of sugar, coconut milk, eggs, pandan & sometimes margarine or butter. Kaya is generally served on toast. It’s considered a breakfast staple. But you can also pick other options like peanut butter (which I did, because I love PB a lot). You can also include a soft-boiled egg with a little dark soy sauce and white pepper. This all comes with a cup of tea or coffee, which has merited the snack’s inclusion in many coffee houses.
  5. Les Rico Ice Cream
    This is an ice cream truck that moves around in Kuala Lumpur. We happened to saw them when we were walking to a mall. There was a line and where there’s a line the food must be good. So we tried and loved it! They sell ice cream made of fruit from New Zealand. Check out their social media for their schedule and location.

George Town, Penang

  1. Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul
    This is a corner with several food stands, but the most famous is their dessert Chendul. There are pictures on the wall of famous Asian stars that visited to get a bowl of sweet Chendul. A must try specialty for you to know why it’s become famous.
    If you aren’t looking for dessert they also serve hearty food too. Like Penang Curry, Asam Laksa, Teochow Rojak and snacks for everyone’s taste.
  2. My Own Cafe
    It’s a small cafe owned by a friendly family. The place features one of town murals inside. They serve serval dishes like Penang Asam Laksa & Yam Muah Chee. If you’re looking for a quit and nice place to have lunch than this is a good place to try.
  3. Tai Tong restaurant
    Craving for dumplings? Visit Tai Tong restaurant. It’s well known by the locals. In this restaurant they walk around with a dumpling cart where you can pick your own dumpling. There are many choices, but for a no meat-eater is was less choice, but I still managed to get full.


  1. Red Tomato restaurant & lounge
    This restaurant is run by Tanja & Oli. Originally from Germany. They serve simple yet delicious pizza’s, pasta and breakfast dishes. There are many travellers visiting this place. So it’s a great place to meet other people. Try this place if you’re craving for some Italian food, because we doesn’t loves pizza & pasta..

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